Active Laser Imaging

The Active Laser Imaging (ALI) utilizes an eye-safe infrared laser beam to illuminate a specific target and a focal plane array to collect its backscattered radiation. This system operates under any lighting conditions, from complete darkness to bright sunlight. ALI is extremely effective even in presence of fog, rain or smoke and it allows precise target illumination through glass panels, window or transparent doors.

ALI is designed to perform surveillance, detection and positive identification of targets in many operational scenarios, including border security, protection of critical infrastructure, homeland security, police activities and environmental surveillance (pollution, oil spill, forest fire, etc.).

It is either a stand alone system or an integral part of a surveillance suite with IR/LLTV/Tracking radar, to dramatically enhance detection capabilities. ALI uses Eye-Safe Laser technology and offers extreme accurate resolution for positive identification of targets in day/night. ALI as been designed and developed by our Photonic Research & Applied Navigation Sciences (PRANS) Division.