ASX-1227 (SeaFalcon series Radar Antennas)

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The X-Band Radar System ASX-1227 is designed for VTS and coastal surveillance purposes. It is based on slotted waveguide aerials to allow high azimuth discrimination through its narrow horizontal beamwidth and high gain.
Configurable with a variable speed facility, it can be quite readily adapted to practically any X-Band transceiver and display system.

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  • High azimuth discrimination
  • Functionality 24 h for 365 days/year, all-weather conditions
  • Availability 99.9% according to IALA Guideline No. 1111
  • Can be remotely driven to select different rotation rates
  • Can interface different GEM elettronica radar transceivers
  • Maintenance free with brushless motor
  • Compact aspect


The Radar System is targeted to top-ranked applications, such as:

  • Vessel Traffic System (VTS), Vessel Traffic Management & Information Systems (VTMIS)
  • Coastal Surveillance & Security
  • Surface Movement Guidance Control System (SMGCS)
  • Homeland Security

Radar Antennas

GEM elettronica offers a complete range of high-gain antennas in both X, S and Ka band designed for naval vessels, coastal/harbour surveillance and Airport Surface Movement and Guidance Control (SMGC) systems.
GEM elettronica has developed different versions of these antennas to satisfy diverse applications. In particular, GEM elettronica’s down-mast antennas provide high-reliability operations in all-weather conditions and are delivered with a complete pedestal inclusive of electro-mechanical drive unit, rotary joints and tilt. Thanks to their superior mechanical design, GEM elettronica’s antennas eliminate the “backlash” problem and deliver an extremely precise bearing data.

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