Border Control Solutions

GEM elettronica has been involved in detailed analyses of border surveillance requirements for many different geographical locations and terrains. We have then matched the most sophisticated and reliable sensor technologies to provide a comprehensive, integrated and dependable system centered on our state-of-the-art command and control software. Our integrated solution allows real-time surveillance against intruders or infiltrators by providing:

  • Early warning detection
  • Integrated Remote and local surveillance sensors
  • Mission planning and dispatch of security forces

GEM elettronica Border Control Solution is a scalable and adaptive system that can satisfy the most stringent surveillance requirements through the integrated use of specialized sensors including:

  • Ground-Surveillance Radar
  • Day and Night imaging systems
  • Electronic fences (using Fiber Optic)
  • Acoustic sensors
  • Mobile and semi-mobile ground patrols
  • UAV with IR and optical sensors

GEM elettronica works closely with its customers to perform site surveys and topographic analysis of the border area to be monitored and controlled to provide engineering and operational recommendations for the overall system architecture.


Border Security

Geopolitical global scenario changes combined with economic urgent situation are redrawing the entire word map: smugglers, intruders, terrorists and other illegal activities threats are increasing dramatically in many countries all over the world and each Country is allocating regular resources to border security.
GEM elettronica is involved for the study and execution of an effective early-warning Border Security System including the most cost value sensors and software management for instant detection and rapid response of border defense.
Our integrated solution performs continuous monitoring and surveillance of infiltrators, within a specified time frame, preventing any violation of the protected territory assuring:

  • Early warning
  • Remote and local detection
  • Identification of illegal actions
  • Classification and situation evaluation
  • Interception of potential intrusions

The below sensors we are using in our Early-warning Border Security System offer the maximum of modularity and scalability:

  • Ground-surveillance radar
  • Day and night imaging systems
  • Electronic fences (using Fiber Optic)
  • Acoustic sensors
  • Mobile and semi-mobile ground patrols

Airborne thermal and optical sensors (e.g. on UAV) can be integrated as well into the system.

A final configuration of a specific border security system requires, as a first step, a deep analysis of the terrain and/or maritime scenario taking into consideration each topographical characteristic.

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