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ENKI-100 is a new generation radar for submarine application based on solid state radar technology and on new design planar array antenna.
The radar sensor is a pulse compressed X-band transceiver with LPI capability: transmitting power is user selectable from less than 1 watt (peak) up to 200 watt (peak). Lower power selections together with special waveform combination allow the radar to see without being seen. Moreover a sophisticated anti clutter rejection achieved by using video and Doppler processing is an embedded feature for the detection of small targets.
The antenna is a cosec2 planar array: it is specially designed for air and surface surveillance; its large bandwidth allows frequency agility and efficient doppler processing. Frequency agility is also an important feature as ESM counter measure.



General Features

  • Fully Coherent, Software Defined Functionality, Pulse Compression Radar
  • Doppler processing
  • Adaptive STC
  • Fully Solid State transmitter
  • Integrated BITE system
  • Frequency agility