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Combat System Multifunctional Console

Display: One 20” LCD monitor, Si/TFT technology, 1600×1200 pixels resolution.
Control desk: 1 rugged QWERTY keyboard, 1 trackball.
Processor: 1 PowerPC 19”, 650 MHz, ultraPARC-IIi (sun Fire V120), with 832 bit,33 MHz graphic
adaptor, 1900×1200 pixels resolution ed hard disk da 34.4 GB SCSI.
RAM Memory: 512 MB SDRAM.
Backplane: N.2 VME64x Bus with 2 racks overlapping.
Operating System: SUN Solaris ver. 8.0.
Graphic Processor: PCM “Dual-head” graphic adaptor, with 1 16 MB SGRAM/channel and RGB video
resolution better than 1900 x 1200 pixels.
Hard disk: 18,3 GB with SCSI Ultra160 interface.
Additional Memory support: 1 CD-R/W driver, compatible to all formats
Diagnostics: Built-in test equipment (BITE) with fault detection and isolation capabilities
Power Supply: 220 VAC or 115VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
1 KVA Power Consumption.
UPS providing back-up to 31.6 minutes at half load.

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Command & Control Console

GEM elettronica offers a wide range of high quality ergonomic command and control consoles designed to support a wide array of surface ships, submarine applications, military command and control centres in accordance with the most stringent military standards. We provide solutions for high integrity equirements including Naval Command, Control, Communications, Computer & Intelligence (C4I) systems, target tracking and gunfire control systems, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Tactical Data Link, electro-optical surveillance, weapon interfacing, safety critical system. We provide solutions across a range of Command, Control, Communications, Computer & Intelligence (C4I) and Torpedo Board Interface console (TBI).
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