P R A N S lab – Research

Photonics Research & Applied Navigation Sciences laboratory

Established in 2000, PRANS lab represents a strategic department for GEM elettronica and since its inception, innovation and scientific knowledge constituted the main basis of this research lab.

The company’s investments dedicated to the empowerment of this research center have augmented throughout the years and its capabilities grew fast thanks to the excellent results of its research projects, attested by the important national and international acknowledgements received.

Photonic solutions represent a big improvement for guidance, navigation and stabilization sensors for their physical characteristics and their possible technological applications in the areas of activity of the company.

PRANS lab facilities have been specifically realized to stand as a research center of excellence, which has required important investments from GEM elettronica during the years.

Other than specifically high-tech laboratories for the research activities on photonic sensors, the PRANS lab dispose of advanced test rooms and next-generation calibration machines.

The wide framework of research includes high-performance fiber-optic gyroscopes, accelerometers, inertial sensors for guidance, navigation and positioning, mathematic models, optical research and a number of applications linked to the development of atomic, laser and spectrometric technologies.


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By the ministerial decree of January 31st 2001, the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research) acknowledge GEM elettronica PRANS lab as one of the Highly-Qualified Italian Laboratories.

PRANS lab employs highly-qualified multidisciplinary researchers, coming from different academic and scientific environments. Between this research professionals there are engineers, physicians, mathematics and qualified technicians professionally specialized in the domain of inertial navigation systems.

GEM Publications

“Autonomy and high accuracy are fundamental for underwater navigation. For this reason, new inertial algorithms are under intensive investigation to improve the performances…”
(A. Rossi, M. Pastore, M. Pasquali)

“Transient analysis of thermal effects in non-symmetrically pumped laser slabs”
(E. Spinozzi, M. Vitiello)

“Operation improvement of side-pumped Er:Yb:glass lasers through optical compensation techniques”
(E. Spinozzi, M. Vitiello)