GEM elettronica would like to thank those who came to visit its stand at the Defence and Security Equipment International in London. The four-days exhibition was very successful and intense due to the grand number of people that came to meet our representatives to discuss business opportunities, showing a deep interest in products and solutions for security and defence developed by GEM elettronica.

In this image one of the many visits at GEM elettronica booth number S5-137. In the foreground, the SMW-100, our 55” Touchscreen Tactical Table for Submarines, that attracted the attention of most of our guests.


On September 15th 2017, YOKOGAWA company delegates have visited GEM elettronica facilities to meet its representatives and talk about some important business opportunities. GEM elettronica’s headquarter and production site proudly opened their doors to the japanese’s company delegates with the objective of discussing possible future collaborations on navigation systems.

GEM elettronica warmly thanks Yokagawa delegation for his visit and greets its spokesmen for the fruitful business meeting.

Industria 4.0 - Siglato un importante accordo tra Intesa Sanpaolo e Confindustria Piccola Industria

Il giorno 22 Settembre 2017, nella Sala Convegni della nostra sede di San Benedetto del Tronto, si è tenuto l’incontro organizzato da CONFINDUSTRIA Piccola Industria in collaborazione con INTESA SANPAOLO dal titolo "PROGETTARE IL FUTURO. Accelerazione, trasformazione digitale, competitività".

Progettare il futuro significa infatti investire sul capitale umano, sull’organizzazione aziendale, sulla digitalizzazione e più in generale sulla diffusione di una nuova cultura d’impresa. L’incontro ha offerto un’importante occasione per informarsi e confrontarsi sulle opportunità previste dall’Accordo tra Intesa Sanpaolo e Confindustria a sostegno della trasformazione del sistema industriale, in coerenza con il Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0.

Rassegna stampa (PDF):
Il Sole 24 Ore
Il Resto del Carlino
Corriere Adriatico

Si ringraziano i numerosi interessati che hanno partecipato, nonché i relatori intervenuti: esponenti del gruppo Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, del mondo imprenditoriale piceno e di Confindustria.

Airplanes security, GEM elettronica participate to an ambitious project involving important AeroSpace partners 


The Sardinia AeroSpace District, DASS, recently signed an important framework agreement with Airbus Company with the objective of enforcing  the security of navigation and positioning of manned and unmanned aircrafts. The project will involve 8,2 millions Euro and it is especially dedicated to the study and the development of an innovative system ensuring positioning and guidance to different kind of aircrafts.

For this purpose, the collaboration with GEM elettronica, already actively participating to DASS programs, is a strategic choice for Airbus and the Sardinia AeroSpace District, aiming to involve other important European industrial partners capable of offering  the technological know-how and excellence that every Research & Development project needs. 

Among the most important shareholders of the technological AeroSpace District, GEM elettronica is favorably willing to contribute to this project by offering its collaboration and its experience in the development of engineering advanced Gyroscopes and Inertial Navigation equipment.


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In the first months of 2017 GEM elettronica accepted the request of ITALIAN NAVY aiming to realize a series of accurate tests on a 10 years of operation POLARIS FOG-100 with exceptional, but expected, results.


Since 2000, GEM elettronica, already an Electro Mechanical Gyrocompass producer, has perceived that the new Fiber Optic technology applied to Gyroscopes would have been the future development of cutting edge Inertial Navigation Systems. For this reason GEM elettronica has focused in-house resources and enhanced its investments on this innovative technology.

In 2005 GEM elettronica has installed the first Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) on board of Italian Navy vessels, and since then the company has pursued the development of new products based on Fiber Optic Technology thanks to its qualified R&D division and a specially dedicated laboratory, named PRANS. One of the results of these activities is the increase of the sensors performances, reaching the top of the range.

Strongly relying on the quality of its equipment, GEM elettronica willingly accepted the request of one of its most important customers for testing a FOG supplied ten years ago to the Italian Navy and since then operative in one of their ships. Alongside with Italian Navy personnel, GEM elettronica’s experts could proudly certify that their FOG-100, despite 10 years of constant service in hard conditions, can still fully guarantee the expected performances and features.


This success story testimony how investments in quality and innovation are important for a reliable product and GEM elettronica Polaris FOG, after ten years of continuous work and no technical intervention, still successfully performs at its best ensuring high-accuracy in Inertial Navigation.

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Defence Ministry of Republic of Congo meets Italian Industries Representatives at AIAD

In June 26th 2017 GEM representatives participated to a meeting at AIAD head office in Rome (Federation of Italian companies for Aerospace, Defence and Security), where they presented GEM elettronica’s products and technologies to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Congo, General Charles Richard Mondjo, and his delegation.

A limited number of Italian Defence Sector Industries took part in this audience, reserved to the most dynamic companies and their innovative solutions.

The following day, June27th, the Ministry of Defence of Congo signed an agreement of military and technical cooperation with his italian corresponding, Ministry of Defence Roberta Pinotti.



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