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Patrol Bridge: GEM Advanced Integrated Bridge and Data Fusion C2 System

Today’s sophisticated naval platforms need to perform a multiplicity of complex missions. Under these demanding constraints it is paramount that the vessel operator has real time access to a large set of data which need to be fused, processed and evaluated by an intelligent system. GEM elettronica new PATROL BRIDGE Integrated Navigation System is the answer to these demanding requirements. PATROL BRIDGE provides advanced navigation technology and harmonized command and control, even when only one operator is on duty. PATROL BRIDGE has been designed to be tailored to large varieties of ships (both navy and commercial) and combat systems. Its user-friendly and ergonomic configuration calls for three to five super-resolution 50”, multi-functional, rugged monitors, which are arranged in circular fashion around a comprehensive multi-functional keyboard. This interconnected configuration allows for a centralized control of all sensor information or command and control for navigation and maritime awareness. The data being presented is processed and fused by a series of COTS computers in a remotely-installed rack. The operator has the capability of customizing how the data is displayed in support of an effective decision-making function.
 Patrol Bridge: GEM Advanced Integrated Bridge and Data Fusion C2 System
PATROL BRIDGE integrates and fused together data coming from surveillance and navigation sensors (such as solid-state, high-power or LPI radars, WECDIS, WAIS, TV/IR images, conning, VDR, alarms, autopilot and navigation sensors) to provide unambiguous target detection and tracking, chart management, route management, and communications. PATROL BRIDGE interfaces with sensors and external consoles is carried out through a redundant network and the system can be even linked to satellite and crypto radio networks. PATROL BRIDGE was also designed with a precise safety and security aim. In fact, the operator can create several safety zones at prescribed radius from the ship, and the system will automatically provide alerts if any intruder crosses these safety boundaries. At that point, the operator can activate non-lethal (or lethal, if the ship doctrine calls for it) countermeasures to defy the incoming threat. Finally, PATROL BRIDGE architecture allows for ease of maintenance and cost-effective future expansion in terms of capabilities and functions.
Dual-Axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FGU-200) Dual-Axes Fiber Optic GyroscopeGEM elettronica is introducing its high-reliable dual-axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope for military and civilian applications. The system, denominated FGU-200, is a dual-axis gyro system realized with state-of-the-art closed loop Fiber Optic in GEM state-of-the-art Photonic Research labs. The system has been developed in response to a specific request of one of the major world manufacturer of naval and land defence systems to stabilize and control its weapon platforms. In this application, FGU-200 has already proven to be extremely effective and reliable. By and large, FGU-200 can be effectively utilized in the fields of:
        • weapon and gun turret stabilization
        • dynamic control systems,
        • industrial robotics and vehicles,
        • EO/FLIR/RADAR stabilization and pointing,
        • radar antenna stabilization,
        • line-of-sight tracking.

With fully-integrated optics and electronics, FGU-200 offers an advantageous weight and form factor, while its extremely high performance optics and electronics - combined with proprietary complex thermal compensation algorithms - provides very low noise and negligible angle random walk in an extended operative temperature range. Stefano Alidori— responsible for GEM Photonic Research lab— defines FGU-200 as “an outstanding design, not only for its high precision, competitive cost and small size, but also for its incredible reliability.
FGU-200 features fully solid-state technology, no moving parts and, therefore, an amazing MTBF value. It does not need schedule maintenance and is designed for severe and harsh operations. The system has proven a remarkable performance withstanding severe shock and vibration operational environments”. Thanks to an accurate manufacturing process and the use of digital closed loop control, GEM FGU-200 gyros show very low noise, high accuracy and stability, high resolution, wide measure range/bandwidth and low latency. Moreover, the FGU-200 is “calibration free”, while ensuring consistent quality, performance, and instant turn-on to turn-on repeatability, scale factor non-linearity, and maximum input rate.

GEM elettronica will display and present its FGU-200 at the upcoming Euronaval 2014 show in Paris.

Dual-Axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope
CBRS-100 Coastal battery C2 remote station
CBRS-100 Coastal battery C2 remote station

GEM elettronica is introducing its new selfcontained Command & Control Remote Center developed for stringent and tactical coastal and border surveillance operations. The system, denominated CBRS-100, includes solid-state, LPI radar systems with frequency diversity, intra-pulse correlation and with a transceiver sizeable to 50/100 or 200W power integrated with 9’ antenna. The radar uses advanced digital techniques and it is particularly designed for short-to-medium range coastal surveillance missions with a maximum target acquisition range of 100 n.m. Advanced radar processing techniques are also employed to optimize target detection accuracy and reliability. 

The signal processor also offers the function of sector-blanking, which is critical in performing surveillance and command and control operations, and intra-pulse correlation algorithms to reduce sea-clutter and cancel undesirable multi-path propagation effects. CBRS-100 can be also equipped with high-performance IR/ EO cameras. Working in cooperation with MBDA, CBRS-100 was integrated with MARTE MK2/N and MARTE ER missile. In this configuration, CBRS-100 provides extremely accurate target designations directly to these missile systems consoles via a dedicated Ethernet link. Based on GEM and MBDA worldwide experience, CBRS-100 can be easily integrated into existing surveillance networks or as integral part of regional/national C2 systems (CBRS-100 with MARTE MK2/N will be showcased at the next DIMDEX defense show in Doha, Qatar).

CBRS-100 has been designed to withstand harsh environments and to be easily transported via land or air on C-130 or similar aircraft. All the equipment is housed in a tempest-compliant, ISO shelter and is mounted on shock-absorbing platforms. CBRS-100 also features a robust radio communications suite and Data Link. Mostly interesting, CBRS-100 takes advantage of GEM elettronica’s latest Fiber Optic Gyroscope technology by featuring an advanced Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) to provide accurate, real-time reading of true north and attitude control without using GPS.

CBRS-100 Coastal battery C2 remote station
In addition to the high reliability, AHRS offers a much quicker settling time and higher resolution with respect to a traditional gyroscope. This function is critical for the positioning and automatic alignment of the sensors, and consequentially, for the proper target designation and weapon guidance.
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Combat and Integrated Navigation Systems for two Guardia di Finanza Patrol Boats
GEM elettronica built for the Italian Guardia di Finanza

GEM elettronica has successfully designed and installed two complete Combat and Integrated Systems for two large patrol boats recently built for the Italian Guardia di Finanza (Customs and Border Guards) by the Cantieri Navali Adria shipyard. These ships are 56 meters lengths with 460 ton displacement and were specifically designed to perform critical missions of surveillance and law-enforcement against illegal trafficking and illegal immigration. GEM elettronica was selected to provide a complete and integrated set of combat and navigation systems to satisfy the most stringent requirements for naval operations in extreme weather and low visibility, therefore also facilitating search and rescue operations. GEM elettronica’s system includes four integrated subsystems: 

  • Navigation
  • Command & Control
  • Communications
  • Optronics
The integrated navigation suite includes one 200W solid-state and one 10KW magnetron X-band radar systems with automatic tracking of more than 200 targets. In addition, the system is integrated with meteofax, autopilot, satellite and Fiber Optic gyroscopes, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Voice Data Recorder (VDR) and Conning System. The situational awareness of the ship is provided by the processing capabilities of a multifunctional console and by a Tactical Table. This Tactical Table is specifically designed to meet and exceed the stringent and challenging operational demands aimed to display integrated tactical and situational awareness data in an easy and efficient way. GEM elettronica Tactical Table features an enhanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) and provide the user with a prompt Command & Control interface in order to minimize the response time in operative missions, which include:
  • Precise navigation and determination of own ship’s position;
  • Full ECDIS compliance;
  • Route management and trip computing;
  • Presentation of surface and submarine targets as Combat System Tracks (CST)
  • 1000 track management and route estimation;
  • Intercept point estimation vs all tracks, projection of surface situation;
  • Target identifications class, local (manual) track initiation
  • Recording & Play

This later system provides real-time display of tactical pictures, management of strategic files (e-mails, video, images, etc.), monitoring of radio messages and command and control. GEM elettronica also provided a complete Electronic Chart and Display Information System (ECDIS) integrated in a separate multifunctional console in the ship Combat Informaiton Center (CIC). In addition, the Guardia di Finanza patrol boats feature a state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) which, based upon GEM elettronica’s proprietary fiber-optic technology, provides extreme accurate data for positioning (<0.1o sec lat) and roll/pitch (<0.050) with an extremely short setting time. The entire architecture of the Combat and Navigation System is extremely compact and connected via a dedicated LAN.

GEM elettronica Integrated Bridge System Guardia di Finanza - Conning
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GEM elettronica opens fully-owned subsidiary in Brasil GEM elettronica has recently opened its own fully-owned subsidiary in Brazil with commercial and technical offices in Rio de Janeiro.GEM elettronica has recently opened its own fully-owned subsidiary in Brazil with commercial and technical offices in Rio de Janeiro. The subsidiary is called GEM do Brazil and will provide complete support to the company’s strategic initiatives in Brazil. “We are counting on our commercial expansion in Brazil” stated Mr. Merlini—GEM elettronica’s president “Our long-term goal is to develop strong partnerships with local Brazilian industry to seek agreement for co-manufacturing and service of our radar systems”. One of this potential product which may be of strong interest for Brazilian military and civilian authorities, is the SEA EAGLE X-band, solidstate coastal surveillance radar which GEM elettronica has already installed in several naval platforms and also used in integrated coastal surveillance systems.

This radar employing state-of-the-art technology in the realization of fully solid-state transceivers and exploiting the features of the most advanced pulse compression techniques to give a high-resolution and yet long-range sensor. “We believe Brazil offers tremendous opportunities for GEM elettronica and we are eager to cooperate with the local Brazilian industry which offers outstanding engineering capabilities and technical innovations” said Mr. Merlini “We feel at home in Brazil and GEM do Brazil represents our commitment to make available our radar technologies for the country’s upcoming important and critical programs”.
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