Dual-Axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FGU-200) Dual-Axes Fiber Optic GyroscopeGEM elettronica is introducing its high-reliable dual-axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope for military and civilian applications. The system, denominated FGU-200, is a dual-axis gyro system realized with state-of-the-art closed loop Fiber Optic in GEM state-of-the-art Photonic Research labs. The system has been developed in response to a specific request of one of the major world manufacturer of naval and land defence systems to stabilize and control its weapon platforms. In this application, FGU-200 has already proven to be extremely effective and reliable. By and large, FGU-200 can be effectively utilized in the fields of:
        • weapon and gun turret stabilization
        • dynamic control systems,
        • industrial robotics and vehicles,
        • EO/FLIR/RADAR stabilization and pointing,
        • radar antenna stabilization,
        • line-of-sight tracking.

With fully-integrated optics and electronics, FGU-200 offers an advantageous weight and form factor, while its extremely high performance optics and electronics - combined with proprietary complex thermal compensation algorithms - provides very low noise and negligible angle random walk in an extended operative temperature range. Stefano Alidori— responsible for GEM Photonic Research lab— defines FGU-200 as “an outstanding design, not only for its high precision, competitive cost and small size, but also for its incredible reliability.
FGU-200 features fully solid-state technology, no moving parts and, therefore, an amazing MTBF value. It does not need schedule maintenance and is designed for severe and harsh operations. The system has proven a remarkable performance withstanding severe shock and vibration operational environments”. Thanks to an accurate manufacturing process and the use of digital closed loop control, GEM FGU-200 gyros show very low noise, high accuracy and stability, high resolution, wide measure range/bandwidth and low latency. Moreover, the FGU-200 is “calibration free”, while ensuring consistent quality, performance, and instant turn-on to turn-on repeatability, scale factor non-linearity, and maximum input rate.

GEM elettronica will display and present its FGU-200 at the upcoming Euronaval 2014 show in Paris.

Dual-Axes Fiber Optic Gyroscope

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