Patrol Bridge: GEM Advanced Integrated Bridge and Data Fusion C2 System

Today’s sophisticated naval platforms need to perform a multiplicity of complex missions. Under these demanding constraints it is paramount that the vessel operator has real time access to a large set of data which need to be fused, processed and evaluated by an intelligent system. GEM elettronica new PATROL BRIDGE Integrated Navigation System is the answer to these demanding requirements. PATROL BRIDGE provides advanced navigation technology and harmonized command and control, even when only one operator is on duty. PATROL BRIDGE has been designed to be tailored to large varieties of ships (both navy and commercial) and combat systems. Its user-friendly and ergonomic configuration calls for three to five super-resolution 50”, multi-functional, rugged monitors, which are arranged in circular fashion around a comprehensive multi-functional keyboard. This interconnected configuration allows for a centralized control of all sensor information or command and control for navigation and maritime awareness. The data being presented is processed and fused by a series of COTS computers in a remotely-installed rack. The operator has the capability of customizing how the data is displayed in support of an effective decision-making function.
 Patrol Bridge: GEM Advanced Integrated Bridge and Data Fusion C2 System
PATROL BRIDGE integrates and fused together data coming from surveillance and navigation sensors (such as solid-state, high-power or LPI radars, WECDIS, WAIS, TV/IR images, conning, VDR, alarms, autopilot and navigation sensors) to provide unambiguous target detection and tracking, chart management, route management, and communications. PATROL BRIDGE interfaces with sensors and external consoles is carried out through a redundant network and the system can be even linked to satellite and crypto radio networks. PATROL BRIDGE was also designed with a precise safety and security aim. In fact, the operator can create several safety zones at prescribed radius from the ship, and the system will automatically provide alerts if any intruder crosses these safety boundaries. At that point, the operator can activate non-lethal (or lethal, if the ship doctrine calls for it) countermeasures to defy the incoming threat. Finally, PATROL BRIDGE architecture allows for ease of maintenance and cost-effective future expansion in terms of capabilities and functions.

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