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Effective and comprehensive training is fundamental in preparing, educating and informing sea-going personnel and crew members. Today’s enhanced technologies must be utilized to increase safety and efficiency of the vessels and to preserve the environment. Therefore, effective training has become one of the most important factors for safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly ship operation. Currently there is a huge demand for high quality and well trained personnel to manage and operate the technologically sophisticated ships of today, both commercial and navy.

GEM elettronica has developed a number of structured and comprehensive training courses aimed to provide operators, officers and crewmen the right level of knowledge and familiarization with state-of-the- art navigation and surveillance technologies. The company has invested in a modern, multi-media training center located in its headquarter of San Benedetto del Tronto where the students can access real-time or simulated operational scenarios.

GEM elettronica currently provides specialized Training Courses to the Italian Navy, Italian Coast Guard & Border Guard and International Navies. GEM elettronica has expanded its in-house training capabilities to meet also the commercial and fishing naval industries to facilitate the acquisition of licenses and legal certifications issued by the Italian Ministry of Transport.

GEM elettronica has also developed specialized training courses for the Italian Coast Guard relative to the operation and maintenance of its coastal surveillance and Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) radar systems. This training is offered to existing and newly-hired VTMIS operators and it is carry out in compliance with national and international standards.

GEM elettronica training courses are designed to complement on-shore and on-board experiences and training and they are tailored to different technologies (radar, software, IR/EO systems) and to different tasks (operator, supervisor and maintenance).

GEM elettronica Training TRAINING

GEM elettronica offers both standard and customized training courses to familiarized and teach personnel in the use and maintenance of our products. Complete descriptions of our standard courses are available for your perusal. These documents include course description, objectives, duration, target audience, contents, pre-requisites, teaching methods and available media.  
GEM elettronica Virtual Simulation VIRTUAL SIMULATIONS

GEM elettronica simulation experience covers modern ship operations including bridge operations, communications/GMDSS and VTS. Our maritime simulators allow training of personnel in both standard and emergencies procedures currently in use in commercial shipping, navy and coast guard.
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