Guidance & Inertial Sensors

Guidance & Inertial Sensors

Our inertial sensors segment is started in late '80s with the design and manufacturing of mechanical gyrocompasses and lived a season of renewed research efforts from 2000, when a new facility was build up to design and develop Photonics sensors based, in particular, on Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscope (IFOG) technology. Since then, GEM's research activities in the field of optical inertial sensors passed through several successes, as the development of the first IFOG based Gyrocompass and, then, the development of the first IFOG based INS. 

Today GEM elettronica’s IFOG program includes a number of different specification models and embraces inertial navigation systems that are suitable for Guidance, Navigation & Control in a wide range of military and commercial applications. In addition it can provide, on customers request, also design and development of customized IFOG products for specialized applications.

  FOG-200/INS/M FGU-200 SURF-100
   GEM Polaris FOG-200/INS/M  GEM Polaris FGU-200  GEM Polaris SURF-100
Description: The FOG-200/INS/M is a precision, six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) motion sensor for use in oceanographic, hydrography and meterology. It is specially designed for any type of surface vessel requesting high precision and reliability in attitude and position calculation.  GEM FGU-200 is a dual axis gyro system realized with state-of-the-art closed loop Fiber Optic Gyroscopes. Thanks to an accurate manufacturing process and the use of digital closed loop control, GEM FGU-200 gyros show a very low noise, high accuracy and stability, high resolution, wide measure range and bandwidth and low latency. All this in a robust and very compact format.
All those features make GEM FGU-200 suitable for a wide range of high performance applications like motion compensation, EO/FLIR/RADAR stabilization, precision pointing, line-of-sight tracking etc.
Designed for warships, vessels and submarines, SURF-100 is the ultimate solution for compact, precise inertial navigation featuring high accuracy and low settling time.

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