MFRAD 3D Series

MFRAD 3D Series


MFRAD is a compact and advanced radar system featuring short to medium-range air and surface target surveillance along with weapon systems target designation. Developed from proven and state-of-the-art technologies, MFRAD utilizes an extremely lightweight antenna with reduced electrical power consumption and very high reliability.





  • MFRAD is a truly 3D multi-mission radar purposely designed for coastal surveillance and shipborne applications;
  • MFRAD offers outstanding performance in coastal and maritime domain in surveillance and tracking of surface and short range air targets, specially fast and low-flying aircraft, helo and UAV with limited installation requirements;
  • In shipborne installations, MFRAD fulfilles the role of secondary search radar for large-medium combatant ships and of primary search radar for ship classes like corvettes and Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV);
  • In addition, MFRAD provides reliable final approach and deck landing guidance for helo during day or night operations and in adverse weather conditions;



  • Simultaneous air short range and surface surveillance and tracking;
  • Solid state technology for high reliability and availability;
  • Digital pulse compression with fully coherent pulse doppler processing for clutter elimination;
  • Frequency diversity-agility and PRF variation;
  • Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) capability;
  • Full BITE and monitoring capabilities;
  • Lightweight antenna for installation in medium-small ships or on elevated coastal surveillance towers or on mobile ground systems;
  • Ready to integration with IFF interrogator antenna;
  • Electronic stabilization in naval applications;
  • Very competitive acquisition, operation, maintenance and life-cycle costs.
   Mfrad 3D  

 Main Operational Capabilities

Maximum instrumented range > 96 n.m.
Maximum elevation coverage > 60°
Minimum range < 40 m
3D tracking capacity (air & surface) > 300 targets
Elevation accuracy ≤ 0.8° (rms)





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