SeaEagle Series

SeaEagle Series


The new SeaEagle X-band radar systems from GEM elettronica extensive experience in designing and producing state-of-the-art maritime navigation & long range radar systems.
SeaEagle X-Band radar features fully solid-state transceivers and most advanced pulse compression techniques for higher target resolution and longer range.
SeaEagle X-Band employs the latest digital video processing techniques to optimize the radar performance at any range.

SeaEagle X-Band features outstanding technical and operational capabilities including:



  • Maritime Navigation
  • Surveillance Coherent Radar




  • X-Band Solid State Transmitter
  • Pulse compression and coherent processing
  • Software – Handled frequency management
  • Pulsed doppler processing
  • Low voltage operation
  • Fully compatible with existing GEM antennas


  • operation at extremely low power levels while maintaining high performances in target discrimination also at long range and in presence of adverse sea clutter/rain conditions;
  • rejection of interferences from other radar emissions through suitable filters;
  • enhanced Signal/Noise ratio through intensive use of Doppler filters and most sophisticated correlation techniques;
  • real-time emission control;
  • helicopter approach and decking operation mode;
  • greatly reduced maintenance and increased reliability with respect to a traditional magnetron radar system;
  • LPI mode


  SeaEagle Series Upmast Version   SeaEagle Series Down Mast Version  

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