FGU Series - Dual Axis Fiber Optic Gyroscope

FGU Series - Dual Axis Fiber Optic Gyroscope

  The FGU-200 is a rugged, reliable and very compact dual axis gyro system realized with state-of-the-art closed loop Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) that provides exceptional stabilization and tracking capabilities. Thanks to an accurate manufacturing process and use of digital closed loop control, GEM FGU-200 gyros provide superior performance with a very low noise, high accuracy and stability, high resolution, wide measure range and bandwidth, low latency. FUG-200 is “solid state sensors” containing no moving parts, has mechanical enhancements to work in extreme environmental conditions, resists the effects of dust, water and electromagnetic interference and can also withstand the shock and vibration of military vehicles. FGU-200 is virtually free of maintenance and calibration and has an MTBF of more than 50,000 hours.    

All mentioned features make this sensor suitable for a wide range of high performance applications including:



  • Gun and turret stabilization
  • EO/FLIR stabilization
  • Radar antenna stabilization
  • Precision Pointing
  • Line-of-sight tracking 


  • Very short setting time
  • No moving part
  • No maintenance during service life
  • High MTBF more that 50.000 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Data Interface Analog and Digital RS422
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
   GEM Gun and turret stabilization  

 Main Characteristics

Star-up time < 5 sec
Angle Random Walk 7.2 deg/hr/√Hz
Bias repeatability (day to day) 3.5 °/hr (1σ)
Bias instability (In run) 1.8 °/hr (1σ)
Scale Factor Error (Over temperature) 100 ppm / °C
Dynamic Range (Angular Rate) ±500 º/sec
 Input voltage 18-32 VDC
 Operating Temperature  -40°C / +70°C
 Weight  1.890 kg



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