EOSS Ball - Shape Series

EOSS Ball - Shape Series

  The EOSS BALL-SHAPE is a family of innovative gyro-stabilized electro-optic systems designed and supplied for day/night surveillance and perimeter security. It can be used in any mobile or stationary mission requirement and suitable for integration on naval ship and patrol boat.
EOSS BALL-SHAPE can see very small objects in complete darkness and harsh environmental conditions and provide medium, long-range surveillance, target acquisition, target identification and tracking capabilities.
EOSS BALL-SHAPE  family can be equipped with a variety of high resolution TV and cooled or un-cooled Infrared cameras and others optional sensors like, eye safe laser range finder, as well as laser pointer and laser designator, automatic video tracker and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for Geo-location capability. The infrared and visible cameras are available in various lens configurations, with different range and field-of-view capabilities optimized for customer applications.
GEM elettronica EOSS BALL-SHAPE family provide also superior real-time imaging processing, human man interface with high-resolution display for very sharp picture. It can operate as a stand-alone system or configured in remote control into a network with multiple system. Interface with external radar for target designation is also available on request.

  • Coastal Surveillance and Reconnaissance 
  • Harbor and Offshore Platform Security 
  • Maritime Traffic monitoring 
  • Oil Spill and Water Pollution Detection 
  • Search and Rescue 
  • Coast Guard and Police Patrol Boats
  • Border Patrol and Perimeter Security
  • Airborne Observation
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Land Vehicle Security
  • Anti-smuggling surveillance
  • Anti-terrorist Surveillance
  Main Features  & Benefits    
  • Fully Automatic Search
  • Very High Stabilization 
  • Continuous 360° in Azimuth
  • Multi Platform Capability
  • Advanced video enhancement
  • Sight Line Stabilization
  • Multiple mounting and mast options
  • Geo-location with GEM proprietary IMU
  • Laser Pointer
  • Eye-Safe Laser Ranger Finder

 EOSS BALL-SHAPE series datasheet

    EOSS-300 EOSS-300/U  
    EOSS-450 EOSS-450/RF    

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