Our systems configuration, are composed by the following electro-mechanical subassembly.



The ASU-30000 unit provides voltage and current output for motor unit of antenna series ASX-19xx. It converts input mains supply AC single phase to three-phase for motor supply, adjusting frequency to control rotation speed.
The internal inverter is based on a vector control system, giving outstanding speed and torque performance and fast response.


The IU80-11 performs the signal condition/repeater necessary to connect the standard interfaces. The interface unit IU80-11 is composed by the following sub-assemblies:

  • AC/DC converter for 35/70Vdc Stepper output.
  • AC transformer for synchro reference and power supply for external Synchro Amplifiers.
  • Processor PCB for NMEA to Synchro conversion.

Interface PCB to connect FOG gyro, 7” color Display, external navigation sensors, serial users and external Synchro Amplifiers. The interface unit IU80-11 converts and distributes the data to various users automatically and without operator intervention.



The IU80-25 unit provides sensor data integration and distribution over a network. It is equipped with a number of ports, which can be connected with a wide range of marine navigation sensors compliant with IMO interface regulation IEC-61162.


Analogue/digital conversion unit model

Interface Unit RUGB 70-26 has several IEC61162-2 Standard Interface I/O.
Some of them are used to duplicate the standard IEC61162-2 input connected; those duplicated ports will be used when the output capabilities of the IEC61162-2 standard device to be connected to WECDIS are limited or already taken by other users.
Onboard sensors can be connected to input serial lines in any order, provided that the sensors’ output conforms to IEC61162-2 standard.



The ASU32000 control motor unit has the following functions:

  1. Filtering/distribution of the power supply line for scanner unit. This line can be interrupted by “S2” magnetothermic switch.
  2. Filtering/power supply inverter, included in the unit and sectionized through S1 magnetotermic switch.
  3. Junction box for ethernet cable from the scanner unit and RJ45 panel.
  4. Motor power supply, the motor power supply (three-phase) is output from the unit. In remote mode the controls start/stop and speed are managed directly by software.
  5. Junction box for safety segnal between the safety switch and the scanner unit.



ASU-32020 (for Solid State)
Antenna Supply Unit



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