Oil Spill Detection

Oil Spill Detection


Using high-resolution X-band radar, the Oil Spill system can detect and monitor the position of oil spills on the sea surface. Using a combination of fast radar update rates and improved horizontal resolution, the system is able to track and monitor any size of oil spill within its range of operation.



System Composition:

  1. X-band radar sensor including:

    • 9’ or 12’ VV-slotted-waveguide antenna
    • 25 kW radar scanner with motor unit
  2. Antenna supply unit for selection of several rotation rates of the antenna unit
  3. Radar raw video digitizer unit
  4. Processing server allowing also presentation and record of the oil spill digitized echoes. Includes: 
    • Min. 15”LCD flat screen
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse  
Oil Spill Detection  

The system adopts LAN architecture for fast connection to the external world. 
The human interface is very friendly, all main tasks can be operated through the mouse.


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