inertial test facility

Inertial Test Facility

GEM elettronica in house high performance Inertial Test Facility is the most comprehensive laboratory in Italy to perform calibrations, testing and validation of the Interferometer Fiber Optic Gyroscope (IFOG) and Inertial Systems and provide test report books and calibration certificates.
The Fiber Optic Gyroscopes are calibrated using advanced rate table instruments providing precise angular rate output. In addition to the primary focus of inertial system calibrations, the laboratory has different areas capabilities covering a broad range of other test and measurement including thermal testing, climatic testing, shock, linear and angular vibration testing.

Inertial Test Facility include:


3-Axis Motion Simulators

Precision rate and orientation inputs allow accurate calibration and testing for inertial sensors. Continuous acceleration and angular rate can be independently controlled on each axis, while the integrated environmental chamber with programmable temperature provides additional testing capability.

2-Axis Test Tables

Two axis motion simulators are mainly used to run simplified calibration and test routines along the assembly process of inertial sensor to improve overall throughput of the manufacturing plant.

Single-Axis Rate Tables

Accuracy and dynamic range of single axis gyroscopes are deeply tested before actual assembly on final product.


Electro-dynamic Shakers

Product qualification requires extended test of performances while operating under heavy vibration or mechanical shock. Digital control of the shaker provides a wide range of possible mechanical stress, data recording and analysis.



Climatic Testing

Temperature - humidity chamber simulates environmental effects on a device subjected to atmospheric conditions on a range from -45°C to +90°C. Chambers are computer controlled and are able to generate complex temperature and humidity profiles.


Corrosion Testing

Salt fog chamber simulates exposure of test specimen to extremely harsh environment for extended periods of time and provides corrosion testing according to most demanding civilian and military specification.

EMI / EMC Testing

Anechoic chamber allows accurate measure of Electro Magnetic Interference emitted by units under testand is currently used for EMI / EMC testing according to most demanding civilian and military specification.


Inertial Test Facility


Inertial Test Facility


Climatic Test


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