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Border Security Radar System

Security and surveillance of land and sea borders is vital to every Nation. GEM elettronica Land Border Security solutions are based on a specific sensors integrated in a Command and Control to support military and law enforcement agencies in their real-time surveillance missions.

BSR-50 is specifically designed to provide a Radar based solution for Border Security, Airport Security, UAV’s detection, Bases Perimeter Protection, Mobile Surveillance (installed on the vehicle) and Wildlife reserve applications; BSR-50/T, in the Tactic Configuration, is employed for battlefield situational awareness due to its quick and easily deployable configuration with a tripod or vehicle mounted.
In border security the BSR-50 allows security Agencies to monitor and intercept threats in remote and difficult access locations where usually smugglers and traffickers operate.
The BSR-50 configuration can be single (single mast mounted or mobile) or as part of multi radar and electro optic camera system deployable for both mobile and semi-permanent requirements.

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  • Border Security
  • Force Protection
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Airport and Harbors
  • Harsh Environments


  • Solid State Electronics
  • Graceful Degradation
  • Fast Radar Power Up
  • Continuous System Health Monitor and Built in Self Test
  • Pulsed, Coherent
  • Pulse Compression
  • Pulse Doppler
  • Doppler Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Waveforms
  • Automatic Power Optimisation
  • Adaptive Clutter Suppression
  • 360° and Sector Scanning
  • Resistant to Jamming
  • Constant False Alarm Rate