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System key features:

  • Weapon system management for fire control
  • Most advanced optronic subsystem determining the precise aiming parameters for the weapon system by optically tracking targets
  • Rugged multifunctional compact console exploiting LCD technology with powerful software for ballistic calculations for several types of weapon systems (guns, missiles, etc.)
  • High performance processing techniques including multilevel threat discrimination
  • Built In Test Equipment (BITE) on the control console, capable to detect a fault to the LRU level
  • Electronic alignment of sensors
  • Fully automatic search, detection and acquisition reducing operator workload
  • Target video tracking with information about target distance, bearing, speed, course, CPA etc., capable to handle external tracking requests

Electro-Optical Fire Control System

The EOFCS is a compact, lightweight electro-optical tracking system (EOTS) designed for precision target tracking within the naval environment. The system provides training, elevation and range data to a fire control or command system for target indication and weapon control purposes, and can be used as a remote observation and tracking sensor for navigation and surveillance purposes.

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