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IALA V-128 rec’s level of radar detection: Standard or Standard Exceeded

Transmitter Peak Power: 100W
Antenna Length (feet): 19 or 21
Antenna Polarization: Horizontal or Circular
Upmast configuration
Downmast configuration

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Sentinel Series

GEM elettronica is proud to introduce the Sentinel series of fully solid state radar systems designed to meet and exceed today’s demanding requirements for surface and air surveillance. Initially designed for VTS applications, Sentinel series is now the solution to match any requirement of real-time short to long range surveillance and security, off-shore up to congested harbor and inland and canals waterways traffic monitoring and any other application committed to full maritime awareness.
Already operating in a large number of projects operating in very harsh environments even in outdoors installation proving very remarkable reliability. The complete list of configurations allows to cover any customer demand in terms of power, architecture, installation and performances.
Constituting the new reference in the science of fully solid state radar technology answering to the urgent demand for monitoring the even more increasing surface activities, Sentinel series features unparalleled performances of detection and tracking capabilities complying with IALA V-128 Recommendations, up to Advanced Level of Recommendation including the new-entry 400W sensor as front-runner of the radar technology.

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