New Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS)

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GEM elettronica has just released the SURF-100 world class Inertial Navigating System based on GEM elettronica’s proprietary strap down Fiber optic Gyroscope (foG) technology. SURF-100 is an high performance Inertial Navigation System
(INS) very suitable for surface and underwater precise navigation without GPS signal: drift in position (latitude and longitude) is less than 1NM after 24 hours of navigation. SURF-100 is also a very accurate Attitude and heading reference System (AhrS) for Navy’s weapons stabilization systems providing roll, Pitch, heading, heave and its velocities as well as linear horizontal velocity without aiding of GPS.
When GPS signal is available SURF-100 has the capability to receive up to two simultaneous GPS RF signal from two different antennas on the ship in order to provide the best possible accuracy on attitude and heading.

SURF-100 is also designed to provide remote assistance by secure log-in through its optional interfaces (Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, etc). Also SURF-100 has a sensor inner box upgradeable without loosing ship alignment to the INS. In order to maintain legacy with current Navy’s installation SURF-100 has both synchro and digital interfaces.
Fiber Optic Gyroscope technology makes a very accurate inertial navigation system such SUrf-100 also extremely reliable, cost effective and virtually maintenance free.