Rate Of Turn sensor made in GEM elettronica enters the naval market

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Thanks to its massive experience in the gyrocompass and stabilisation systems, GEM elettronica has recently launched in the naval market his Rate Of Turn sensor, named ROT-100.

Developed and engineered by the Photonics Research & Applied Navigation Sciences laboratory (PRANS lab) of  GEM elettronica dedicated to Fiber-Optic Gyros and Inertial Navigation Systems. ROT-100 represents the last born in GEM extensive family of guidance and stabilisation sensors.

ROT-100 is based on MEMS gyro sensors and GEM elettronica’s advanced navigation algorithms. It represents a fundamental aid in maritime navigation, manoeuvring and steering, providing real-time, highly accurate and stable data of ship turning rate. ROT-100 is extremely reliable and is guaranteed as calibration-free and maintenance-free sensor.

Its small dimensions and robustness, coupled with standard NMEA-0183 output sentence, allow its easy installation on every type of naval platform.