IMO compliant GEM WECDIS is specially designed for applications requiring full watching and control over navigation plans. With respect to standard ECDIS, it includes Additional Navigation Information expressly required for military missions.
It is DNV type approved and complies with the STANAG 4564 and 7170 standards regulating the additional WECDIS functionalities.


  • Stand-alone or included into integrated bridge systems
  • Whatever application requirement full watching and control over navigation plans
  • W-ECDIS available through adoption by Additional Navigation Information


  • Visual Correction (Manual Fix)
  • Estimated Position Mode
  • Fallback Mode
  • Advanced Route Planning
  • Additional Military Layers
  • Moving Haven
  • Pool Of Errors
  • Dive Depth and Depth Area Display
  • Radio Direction Finder Application
  • Security System
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  • IMO compliant
  • usea both IHO S-57 ENC data
  • uses data conforming to NATO Digital Geographic Information Exchange (DIGEST) Standards including Vector Product Format (VPF) and Digital Nautical Chart (DNC).
  • uses Additional Navigation Information (ANI) provided by government hydrographic offices and military sources,
  • including specific types of ANI data such as Raster Navigational Charts (RNC’s), Admiralty Raster Chart Service
  • (ARCS), NOAA’s raster charts distributed and updated by Maptech, Inc.
  • DNV type approved
  • complies also to the characteristics requested from norms STANAG 4564 and 7170 regulating the additional WECDIS functionalities.
  • automatically supports the supply of S-57 standard charts, encrypted with the PRIMAR scheme S-63
  • displays C-MAP charts with CM93v3 format and to automatically manage their updatings through internet.
  • represents AML in S57 format, DNC in DIGEST format and RNC in ARCS format charts
  • connected to the navigation sensors, the console displays the own ship position through graphical symbol over-lapped to the cartographic and equipped with data, representing the geographical coordinates and the kinematical characteristics such as the course and speed, true and relative to the water.
  • modular structure using COTS components for remarkable growing expansion