Month: April 2018


X-BAND FULLY SOLID STATE INNOVATIVE AND DIGITAL NAVIGATION RADAR The new SEAEAGLE-200N is an innovative navigation radar of modern design based on Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) and digital technology. The radar transmits in X-Band performing high reliability and high operation.

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Fully Solid State, pulse compression, coherent radar Sea Eagle-50 belongs to a new generation of solid state radar specially designed for naval applications. The radar sensor is a pulse compressed X-band transceiver. Lower power selections together with special waveform combination allow the radar to see without being seen. Moreover a […]

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GEM elettronica has introduced new Olympus solid state radar system for coastal surveillance, maritime traffic control, and airport surface monitoring. This newly developed X-band radar fully meets the all Levels of Radar Detection, recommended by the latest IALA V-128 Guidelines for Coastal surveillance and VTS applications. It can be delivered […]

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