Software Solutions

GEM elettronica has a proven history of successful development of specialized software solutions to analyze real-world problems, develop new and innovative solutions and control complex industrial processes.

Our engineers have developed a wide variety of analysis software and hardware control interfaces that cut across all our products and services. Examples include our real-time down-link information systems using Data Link, Tactical and SAR (Search And Rescue) Procedures and Data Fusion algorithms for applications aboard patrol ships and our command processing software. To ensure secure data communication our software solutions provide algorithms with techniques of encryption advanced for all data contained in the packets exchanged between the systems involved. Made in GEM.

GEM elettronica SOFTWARE developed in compliance with CMMI-2 best pratices  (CMMI-3 in progress)



GEM elettronica software surveillance solutions have been designed for coastal surveillance, harbour security, vessel traffic management and border security missions. These systems are based on remotely controlled sensors, redundant client/server architectures and data base system. Sophisticated real-time correlation techniques create a common operating picture. It is also available as WEB browser from which the authorized user can access all data of the VTS system.

Compliant with IALA requirements for VTS and VTMIS applications.

With more than 40 years of experience in radar and sensor development for maritime operations and naval platforms GEM elettronica provides solutions for today’s most challenging Combat Management System (CMS) requirements.
With Atlantis-1, we offer complete turnkey, fully integrated and customized Command & Control solutions for a wide range of patrol boats and warships.
GEM C4I software is a well-proven solution currently used worldwide on board coastguard fast patrol fleets. Main missions characteristics are to provide situational awareness, support to ship mission, guarantee fleet coordination and communication. The system features highly-intuitive human machine interfaces and a fast response time to external real-time events.
We provide complete logistic support services worldwide, including system installation, system acceptance testing and commissioning. To ensure effective operation of your onboard system, we can develop and deliver training programs, maintenance programs, warranty support services, after-warranty plans, and system and software upgrades.



GEM IBS (Integrated Bridge System) is an open architecture system designed to integrate in a single solution, navigation and surveillance operations. All data coming from ship sensors are acquired, integrated and distributed to multi-functional consoles. All data are shown on screens placed in different ship areas where Conning Monitor software application runs. Moreover IBS is readily interfaced with on-board Combat Management System to share data and commands.
GEM elettronica designed automatic multi-sensor data fusion technologies and management system to integrate a wide variety of sensors and technologies (radar, SAR imagery, IR/EO, laser range finder, AIS tracks, sonar, etc…) to enhance real-time situational awareness. Fused and integrated surveillance data assist the operators to detect, track and identify critical targets on sea surface, underwater, on land and in the air, even in presence of severe weather conditions. This comprehensive and reliable operating picture is instrumental in supporting real-time surveillance, detection and deterrence missions.