Coastal Surveillance Solutions

GEM elettronica Coastal Surveillance Solutions concept include long, medium and short range, day and night real-time surveillance, observation, identification and tracking of targets for safety and protection within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). In close cooperation with our customer, we develop customized applications and offer cost-effective solutions for Vessel Traffic Management Information System & Maritime Domain Awareness. (VTMiS).
Leading the Technologies of radar and electro-optic systems for over 40 years, GEM elettronica has offered worldwide, innovative surveillance systems utilizing the highest technology available with superior sensors performance, integrated software package, system integration and data link capabilities. Along with a full range of solutions compliant to IALA’s recommendations, we support navy, coast guard, border police, law enforcement agencies, port authorities and commercial customers with site survey, modular and scalable system design, technical assistance, installation, commissioning, after sales service and upgrade.

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

GEM elettronica offers a comprehensive Vessel Traffic Service system with integrated multi-sensors network providing continuous monitoring and tracking capability for all vessels movements, real-time communication and rapid operator response. Our VTS system architectures are in full compliance with IALA VTS recommendations and they are scalable – as Basic, Standard or Advanced configurations – to satisfy a wide range of mission requirements and budgetary constraints.

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Port Sentry: Seaports and Harbour Security System

Real-time coastal and port surveillance to protect high-valuable and sensible targets (Point Defense) from intruders, small fast boats and swimmers. Capable of tracking multiple surface, underwater and aerial targets and support real-time reaction and defense management. Open system architecture to allow the integration of existing or future sensors and surveillance systems.

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Sheltered Solutions

GEM elettronica is a leading company in consulting, designing and mounting of shelters for vehicles and fixed locations: our customizable shelters are unmatched solutions where easy setup and transportation are essential. Our shelters are used in Command and Control, radar systems, telecommunications and power generators applications.

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Port Operations

Port operations involve a complex system of dynamic exchange of data. The current challenge is to optimize the efficiency of port operations while guaranteeing their maximum safety.

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Inland Information System

Integrated system including radar sensors, VTS software and data communication to manage riverine traffic.

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Oil Spill Detection

The GEM Oil Spill processor can be connected to a wide range for radar sensor to detect, monitor and predict future position of oil spills on the sea surface.

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Wave Height Detection

GEM elettronica has designed software that uses algorithms and analysis of wave height to filter the clutter and enhance small echoes visibility. The algorithms use scatter analysis and learning curve to study the dimension and direction of the waves with the purpose of tracking small targets inside sea clutter.

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Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue software (SAR) developed by GEM elettronica, fully integrated with VTS Software, allows a simple and effective management of SAR missions and SAR resources.

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