Port Sentry: Seaports and Harbour Security System

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The mission of Port Sentry is to perform active protection of high-valuable and sensible objectives located in a maritime environment against hostile attacks by surface, underwater and (in some extent) air threats.


Real-time coastal and port surveillance to protect high-valuable and sensible targets (Point Defense) from intruders, small fast boats and swimmers. Capable of tracking multiple surface, underwater and aerial targets and support real-time reaction and defense management. Open system architecture to allow the integration of existing or future sensors and surveillance systems.


  • Detection, tracking and threats classification
  • Real-time situation awareness through multi-window presentation
  • Data fusion
  • Open architecture


  • Port/Harbour security and surveillance
  • C4I
  • Homeland security
  • Management of tactical operations against anti-intruders

Immediate detection of intruders, small boats, swimmers, tracking of multiple targets and quick reaction are crucial to provide seaport and harbour defense. The task of this system is to perform the active protection of high valuable and sensible objective located in a maritime environment against hostile attacks by surface, underwater and air threats and providing efficacies counter measures information. The open architecture of the system allows the integration of many sensors from various suppliers.

Coastal Surveillance Solutions

GEM elettronica Coastal Surveillance Solutions concept include long, medium and short range, day and night real-time surveillance, observation, identification and tracking of targets for safety and protection within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). In close cooperation with our customer, we develop customized applications and offer cost-effective solutions for Vessel Traffic Management Information System & Maritime Domain Awareness. (VTMiS).
Leading in radar technology and electro-optic systems for over 30 years, GEM elettronica has offered worldwide, innovative surveillance systems utilizing the highest technology available with superior sensors performance, integrated software package, system integration, and data link capabilities. Along with a full range of solutions compliant to IALA’s recommendations, we support navy, coast guard, border police, law enforcement agencies, Port Authority, and commercial customers with site survey, modular and scalable system design, technical assistance, installation, commissioning, after sales service and up-grade

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