Marine Radars

Recent advancements in marine radar technology have led to the rapid development of high performance radar processor and antenna unit for a variety of environmental applications including secure navigation in chaotic traffic, naval surveillance and oil spill detection. GEM elettronica, thanks to major technological improvements, can provide a complete line of high-performance  X-Band and S-Band marine radars having a unique flexibility in order to meet the needs of any naval platform and user.


Ideal for: Cargo – Tanker – Merchant Ships – Supply Vessel – Cruise Boats

All Marine radar models are complete of:

  • Full ARPA 150 targets, AIS 2000 targets (sensor required)
  • C-MAP CARD reader track output for ECDIS
  • Logarithmic receiver
  • Performance monitor
  • Power supply 115-230 Vac. 50-60 Hz
  • Installation cable 30 mt, kit of ancillaries, installation and operator manual



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Ideal for: Ship Boards – Yachts

A series of radars with AIS capabilities for pleasure boats, commercial ships and fishing vessels, for a safer navigation.

Multi display and multi scanner configuration: any radar system con be configurated with several displays and scanner unit in a dynamical way. The operator can choose the scanner unit to control with each display (master) on real time basis.

“On the fly function” re-assignment: each display in the network can be converted in radar display, video plotter or overlay radar-plotter display on operator choice in a very independent and autonomous way without interrupting its operation.

For OEM applications the scanner unit can be connected directly to standard PC using the RJ45 Ethernet port (no need for add-on hardware in the PC or external interfaces boxes, just power from ship to the scanner unit).

GEM elettronica software drivers can be easily integrated in main operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux.

 12″ LCD



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PC Software Radar

PC RADAR works into your PC a full featured real time radar system. Ethernet data communication give interface ability with almost every PC.

Optionally, user can display on personal computers ECDIS software too, with the possibility to have a joint Radar-ECDIS overlapped presentations.

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