GEM elettronica production activity is composed of several manufacturing capabilities, employing technological methods and innovative techniques in order to offer high-quality and high-reliability products. The in-house product development and production procedures, permit GEM elettronica to propose highly-customized systems that can meet the most demanding final users needs. PRODUCTS IMAGE

Production Plant: via XXIV Maggio 57 – Zona Ind.le Centobuchi (Monteprandone – AP)

11000 mq

Electronics Assembly Facility

This facility is capable of assembly cards, surface mounting components, fine pitch components, power supply, modulator, RF receivers, harness and cable assemblies, cabinet assembly, shelter assembly. The facility is integred, with inspection, test, shipping/receiving, stockroom and CAD/CAM system for configuration control.

Mechanical Assembly Facility

The mechanical assembly division has the capacity and the competencies to fulfill the requirements demanded by the most sophisticated radar antenna systems, command and control consoles, electro-optical turrets, etc….

Environmental Testing Facilities

The environmental testing facilities at GEM elettronica provide testing capabilities and analysis simulating, shock, vibrations, umidity, temperature variations, etc…
The state-of-the-art equipment is both vertical and horizontal, sine/random, up to 2500 Hz and 1000 Kg force rating.
The temperature test machine can perform extreme temperature fluctuations, ranging from -40°C to +100°C, up to 30°C / minute temperature cycling.
Humidity can be raides up to 99 RH at various temp. extremes simoultaneous vibrations and Thermal testing can be combined for production reliability verifications, as well as engineering R&D testing.
Miscellaneous and support equipment consist of microprocessor based controllers, data logging instruments, remote device test equipment.

Products Trials

To assure top performance and reliability, all our products and systems, after final testing and certification, are placed into full operation for a minimum of 72 hours under controlled conditions.