Surveillance Solutions

Security and surveillance of the national coastlines and borders is vital to any nations. It is the interest of any sovereign nation to protect coastal waters, seaports, offshore platform or other inland waterways. In particular, vital infrastructures such as airports, military compounds, oil refineries, power generation plants, etc. require particular attention to avoid unwanted intrusions or hostile actions. GEM elettronica Coastal Surveillance and Land Border Security solutions are based on a wide range of specialized sensors integrated in an advanced command and control system to support military and law enforcement agencies in their real-time surveillance missions.
GEM elettronica’s answer to these challenging surveillance missions is based on the following principles:

  • Analysis of customer requirements through detailed site surveys and engineering modeling to determine the most cost-effective and mission-ready suite of sensors.
  • Provision, installation and integration of specialized sensors (radar, optronic, motion-detection and underwater sensors) with a dedicated C4I center.
  • Communication system to connect all the remote and local sensors with the C4I center in order to provide real-time surveillance and mission planning.
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) of all key components, including obsolescence management.
  • Advanced Research and Development (R&D) resources to adapt and customize hardware and software for the most stringent and critical homeland security missions.
  • Full-spectrum Program Management and Engineering Support to guarantee a flawless program execution in time and within the budget.

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