Quality – Environment – Social Responsibility

After several years of activity and successes achieved in its sector, G.E.M. elettronica has envisaged the need for a strong accentuation of its own corporate strategic priorities for the future, intended as:

  1. a strong orientation towards customers and entities interested in the activities of the company

  2. the search and the management of low environmental impact processes

  3. the guarantee for workers in terms of safety and work ethic

  4. the improvement of own performances, at all levels

In this regard, the management intends to ensure a determined leadership capable of leading the organization, in a market where the competitiveness is extremely high, in the path towards growing excellence that goes through a resolved commitment to the achievement of:

the compliance with normative, legislative and regulatory requirements for its products/ services, processes, workplaces, for environment and social responsibility, including the dispositions of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards which are the basis of the development of GEM organizational model and some other voluntary requirements that the company decided to subscribe. This constitute the basis for obtaining a harmonious development of excellence factors. The company, in particular, is committed to:

  1. the respect of all national laws, ILO agreements and recommendations concerning labour law and the protection of health and safety of workers

  2. do not benefit (or promote) from child labour

  3. do not expose children and young workers to dangerous and not safe situations, or situations that are harmful for their development and for physical and mental health.

  4. do not benefit (or promote) from forced labour

  5. do not ask workers to leave financial deposits, allowances, properties or identity original documents, or authorizations neither at the beginning or during the employment

  6. guarantee a safe and healthy workplace by realizing the measures needed for the prevention of accidents and damages to health at the workplace or related to it

  7. nominate a representative of the management for the health and the safety of all workers

  8. make sure that all staff members, including newly hired or temporary, can receive a proper and documented training on health and safety. This training should be replicated in case of accidents

  9. establish a set of systems in order to identify, avoid and face the potential risks for health and safety, including those related to the activity of pregnant women or new mothers

  10. respect the right of workers to freely form/join associations and labour unions and guarantee their right to collective bargaining

  11. ensure that trade union representatives and the workers involved in those organizations are not discriminated on the workplace, or oppressed, intimidated and guarantee that they can communicate to their associates

  12. do not discriminate for race, class, national origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political opinions, age, or any other condition that can engender discriminations

  13. do not interfere with the right of workers to follow principles or practices, or to satisfy needs related to race, class, national origin, religious beliefs, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political opinions, or any other condition that can engender discriminations

  14. do not allow behaviour, including gesture, language or physical contact that might be sexually coercive, threatening, insulting or aiming at an exploitation, in the context of the workplace or any other area of the company

  15. do not subject workers to pregnancy tests or virginity tests in any circumstances

  16. do not make use or support physical punishments or mental punishments, verbal violence, mobbing, hard or inhuman treatments

  17. adequate to the working hours, the holidays and the festivities determined by the laws in force and by the standards of the industry

  18. guarantee the respect of the minimum legal salaries, so that the salary could satisfy the basic needs and a part of the income could stay available

  19. guarantee that the withheld on salary is not caused by disciplinary purposes and guarantee a clear and intelligible pay check

  20. guarantee that the wage is paid according to legal dispositions and in the most convenient way for workers

  21. guarantee that no contracts have been signed underlining the abuse of the typology of the collaboration relationship, used not to regularize the contributive position of the worker

  22. guarantee that no false schemes of apprenticeship have been applied in order to avoid the fulfilment of work obligations

  23. cooperate with suppliers and subcontractors to implement a Social Responsibility Policy able to improve
    employees’ working conditions through technical assistance and a greater awareness

the satisfaction of the present and future needs of its customers, fully aware that the growth of the company is linked to its capacity of complying their expectations. About this issue, the company is engaged in:

  • the guarantee of a corporate organizational model capable of assuring continuous, elevate and adequate technical-scientific knowledges in its research and development projects

  • the guarantee of the effectiveness of its management and processes systems, through an accurate control of the design phases, the production/supply of the products/services offered in order to guarantee their continuous reliability

  • the utilization of adequate project systems and manufacture technology to guarantee the reliability of products, ensuring the compliance with applicable, mandatory or voluntary regulations

  • the guarantee of a performing ratio between assigned and engaged resources, between designed and performed activities, between desired and achieved results

  • ensuring the purchase of maximum quality products and materials suitable for the purpose of their use, even through the research and the selection of suppliers capable of satisfying the demand in terms of total cost, technologic capacity, quality and service

  • the verification of third parties processing by means of opportune methods aiming at the achievement of a careful management of suppliers and supplies

  • preventing the non-compliance of products by an opportune control during the different manufacturing stages

  • the optimization of the reliability of machines/equipment in order to reduce the extraordinary corrective interventions

  • the respect of the timing, of the needs and the results of the activities agreed with the customer

  • ensuring an adequate after sales assistance promptly managing any possible customers complaint and answering with effective solutions

  • managing and reducing possible corporate risks and continuously seizing the opportunities to guarantee the continuity of the company development

the protection of the environment, with a continuous verification and reduction of the consequences of its activities on environment, ensuring the elimination or the reduction of environmental pollution, the improvement of environmental performances, the care about natural resources by adopting where possible also a perspective of the life cycle

the professional growth of its resources, with a primary valorisation and consolidation of the human capital, supporting and encouraging the awareness of quality, the respect of the environment and the prevention of pollution, the respect of the requirements of social responsibility and the involvement in this activities of all personnel sustaining the sense of responsibility and the cultural and professional growth through the education on themes related to quality, environment, safety and social responsibility

the improvement of the organization and its processes which goes through the measurement and the analysis of entire system, with the aim of obtaining a growing corporate capacity of satisfaction of the market needs, of respect of the environment and of respect of workers’ rights

In order to obtain those results, an Integrated Management System is implemented and constantly updated. This system was prepared along with the first ISO 9001, a leading tool for the achievement of the objectives defined and reviewed by the Management thanks to the risk approach that permeates the entire organizational and process structure of the company. The management of risks and opportunities is an essential factor for the prevention of non-conformities and accidents and for the effective improvement of services. In the Integrated Management System, therefore, preventive actions with respect to corrective measures are systematically privileged, with a view to managing risk and opportunities.

The Management is committed to ensuring that this Policy is understood, shared, implemented and applied by all its workers and collaborators, and at the same time it will be shared with all involved parties. The person in charge of the Quality Management System is engaged in periodically revising the present document through the reviews made by the Management.