Software Chart Radar MultiDisplay

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Software Chart Radar MultiDisplay embodies tactical funcionality as well as Video Processing System (VPS) mode that eases the operator’s ability to differentiate between clutter and targets. It also has a twin PPI option that provides the operator with two independently configurable PPIs.


Main features

  • Providing a platform for radar, chart radar, and Ship Protection display options.
  • Ability to integrate with ECDIS and CONNING as option.
  • Easy to use and intuitive, with on screen prompts to assist the user.
  • Open architecture enabling serial and digital interfaces.
  • Twin PPI enables the user to build a complex picture on one PPI while leaving the other clear for collision avoidance.

User experience

  • Chart RADAR
  • ECDIS applications (optional)
  • CONNING applications (optional)
  • Imaging camera
  • Simulator mode (familiarisation mode available for tracking systems)
  • Ship Protection


  • Ship Data;
  • AIS target information;
  • Operator track labelling;
  • Target association, vectors and past positions;
  • Dynamic clutter;
  • Depth display;
  • Single or dual plan position indicator (PPI) for enhanced situational awarenees;
  • ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid);
  • Integral simulator;
  • Radar sensor control;
  • Relative velocity calculations;
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces;
  • Ground stabilised user mapping;
  • Man-overboard marker with drift compensation and elapsed time indicator;
  • Parallel index lines;
  • EBL/VRM for rapid range and bearing calculation;
  • Common reference point;
  • Two electronic bearing lines;
  • Two variable range mark.


Software Solutions

GEM elettronica has a proven history of successful development of specialized software solutions to analyze real-world problems, develop new and innovative solutions and control complex industrial processes. Our engineers have developed a wide variety of analysis software and hardware control interfaces that cut across all our products and services. Examples include our real-time down-link information systems using Data Link, Tactical and SAR (Search And Rescue) Procedures and Data Fusion algorithms for applications aboard patrol ships and our command processing software. To ensure secure data communication our software solutions provide algorithms with techniques of encryption advanced for all data contained in the packets exchanged between the systems involved.

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