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The ASU-30000 unit provides voltage and current output for motor unit of antenna series ASX-19xx. It converts
input mains supply AC single phase to three-phase for motor supply, adjusting frequency to control rotation speed.
The internal inverter is based on a vector control system, giving outstanding speed and torque performance and
fast response.
The unit provides 2 contact closures for connection with external systems as programmable input to control start
and stop of rotation and selection of rotation speed between two preprogrammed values.
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Main Features

Input voltage single phase 200-240 VAC (-15%, +10%)

  • Input frequency 47-63 Hz
  • Three-phase output
  • Rated motor capacity up to 1.5 kW (8A)
  • Advanced autotuning
  • Short-term overload capacity up to 200% for a full 3 seconds
  • Improved torque/current limiting during start-up and deceleration
  • Self-diagnostics for reliable operation
  • Front panel for unit status and local manual control (ON/OFF, LOW/HIGH SPEED)
  • Rugged enclosure for wall installation
  • Environmental conditions compliant with IEC-60945, protected environment


Our systems configuration, are composed by the following electro-mechanical subassembly.
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