Port Operations

Coastal Surveillance Solutions GEM elettronica Coastal Surveillance Solutions concept include long, medium and short range, day and night real-time surveillance, observation, identification and tracking of targets for safety and protection within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). In close cooperation with our customer, we develop customized applications and offer cost-effective solutions […]

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Sheltered Coastal Monitoring System

GEM elettronica is a leading company in consulting, design and mounting of shelters for vehicles and fixed locations: our customizable shelters are unmatched solution where easy setup and transportation are essential. Our shelters are used in Command and control, radar, telecommunications, and power generators applications. Open architecture and huge choice […]

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Port Sentry: Seaports and Harbour Security System

Real-time coastal and port surveillance to protect high-valuable and sensible targets (Point Defense) from intruders, small fast boats and swimmers. Capable of tracking multiple surface, underwater and aerial targets and support real-time reaction and defense management. Open system architecture to allow the integration of existing or future sensors and surveillance […]

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Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

The system collects and displays real-time information from a network of remote site equipped with various sensors including, Radar images, AIS base stations, Electro-Optic day/night images, Meteorological data and Radio Direction Finders. Our Vessel Traffic Service system is based on: Open system architecture, High reliability and scalability, Fast response time, […]

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