Coastal Battery Remote Station

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The CBRS-100 is a shelter-contained operative unit that is capable to be positioned almost everywhere and operate in any condition. Moreover, it is suitable for truck transportation.
It has load capacity large enough to accommodate all the equipment with a large margin of tolerance and mechanical characteristics suitable to guarantee adequate to support the radar and radio equipments with the necessary stability for affordable operations.
All the equipment is installed within the shelter using specific care to guarantee the overall system robustness required for the prescribed use. This means that the shelter layout is specifically designed for harsh environment, the equipment is mounted through specific shock-absorbers, etc.



  • exchange data with the C4I consoles through ethernet link
  • monitoring coastal areas for detecting potential targets
  • transmit radar tracks data to Weapon System Platforms (WSP) through redundant radio system


  • ability to perform surveillance utilizing its own sensors
  • operation in sites lacking any kind of infrastructure
  • transportability: the CBRS-100 is fitted with standard ISO interface, making it suitable for truck transportation to reach any site where the requested surveillance task is deemed necessary (truck not included);
  • communication with the external world

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