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The GEM elettronica EOSS T-BAR SHAPE series fully satisfies surveillance requirements for day/night optical surveillance.
Each system includes the stabilized turret hosting advanced optronic TV and IR cameras for 24h no-stop operations.
The optional videotracker unit is available to accommodate closed-loop optical tracking. Interface with external radar for target designation is available on request.



  • Coastal Surveillance & Security
  • Vessel Traffic System (VTS), Vessel Traffic Management & Information Systems (VTMIS)
  • Oil Spill and Water Pollution Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Coast Guard and Police Patrol Boats
  • h 24 optical functions for search and surveillance
  • Homeland Security
  • Border Patrol and Perimeter Security
  • Airborne Observation
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Land Vehicle Security
  • Anti-smuggling surveillance
  • Anti-terrorist Surveillance

Main Features & Benefits

  • Long Range Surveillance
  • Fully Automatic Search
  • High Stabilization
  • Continuous 360° in Azimuth
  • Multi Platform Capability
  • Advanced video enhancement
  • Sight Line Stabilization


  • Multiple mounting and mast options
  • Geo-location with GEM proprietary IMU
  • Laser Pointer
  • Eye-Safe Laser Ranger Finder


Camera Thermal Imagining

GEM elettronica offers a complete line of world-class electro-optical gyro-stabilized surveillance systems for Homeland Security, Law Enforcement missions and naval operations.
Our family of long range EOSS electro-optic systems provides passive long range surveillance and detection and are used in a wide range of applications including perimeter security and border protection, coastal and harbor observation, maritime security, critical infrastructures and sensitive sites, airport protection, and support of Search & Rescue operations.
EOSS electro-optic systems are equipped with latest generation of day and night cameras that enable the user to have detailed scenario, precise acquisition and identification capabilities of land, sea and air targets and detection of potential threats. EOSS family provides 360° surveillance, high performance stabilized payload, real-time imaging processing and a very sharp picture.
GEM elettronica has developed a series of modular and integrated EO/IR stabilized system that can be easily installed in many different platforms, naval, mobile or fixed. These systems can operate either as stand-alone or configured into a existing surveillance network. Optionally, the EO/IR system can be also interfaced with an external radar for target designation.

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