GEM elettronica presents its new Ka-Band Solid State Radar

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GEM elettronica has introduced a newly developed Ka-band solid state radar for surveillance, maritime applications and airport surface monitoring. The new system is aimed to replace the old magnetron-based radar.
The radar is based on a 40W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) combined with the innovative transmitter/receiver with high dynamic range that can take the full advantage of modern radar technologies. The use of the most sophisticated processing techniques, such as frequency diversity, coherent integration, CFAR and doppler processing, improves the target detection and reduces false alarms. Thanks to the SSPA, the reliability of the system is greatly improved with respect to magnetron radars. The power amplifier is composed of several parallelized power modules. In case of a failure of one or more of such modules the radar can continue to operate, although with slightly degraded performance. A complete Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) helps the maintenance of the system.
The radar uses an 8’ long antenna, developed and produced in-house, that combined with the small wavelength achieves very high gain and very high angular discrimination. This helps the detection of small objects with higher precision.
The antenna has been designed to ensure reliability in harsh environment and withstand against wind gusts.
The Ka-band radar is part of a combined X-Ka band radar system fully based on Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). The system combines the high resolution of the Ka-band radar for short/medium range with the ability to reach longer range of the X-band radar.