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Developed from proven and state-of-the-art technologies, the new SAIR-2D is a Fully Solid State X-Band radar. A back-to-back antenna system with state-of-the-art flat planar array allows air + surface search and tracking. It is designed for coastal surveillance and on board applications.

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  • SAIR-2D is a multi-mission radar designed for coastal surveillance and shipborne applications;
  • Surface-Air Search and Tracking


  • 2-D, fully coherent, software defined functionality, pulse compression radar
  • Dual channel Solid State X-Band transceivers for air+surface detection
  • Dual antenna system with csc² beam squintless H-Pol array and fan beam C-Pol array
  • Surface channel and air targets simultaneous processing
  • MTI and MTD processing
  • Adaptive anti-clutter and echo enhancement processing
  • Fully solid state transmitter
  • Integrated BITE system
  • ECCM resistant
  • IFF option
  • Frequency agility
  • Close range helicopter guidance and SAR mission
  • Compliant with applicable MIL Standards for military equipment
  • Dual redundant/fault tolerant option for coastal operations

Operational Characteristics

TX (Surface + Air Channel)

  • Frequencies programmable within 9200÷9500 MHz
  • Maximum Transmission Power 800 + 800 W peak power


  • Sensitivity < -130 dbm
  • OverAll Noise Figure < 4.5 dB
  • Dynamic Range >120 dB
  • Receiver Bandwidth selectable between 30 MHz (nominal)
  • 16 bit A/D Conversion on IF


  • Surface and Air targets > 1000 tracks

Antenna System

  • Dual X-Band 6ʼ antenna in back-to-back configuration
  • Array 1: planar, csc² beam, squintless, horizontal polarization
  • Array 2: slotted, fan beam, circular polarization
  • Stabilizing platform (for vessel application )
  • Rotation speed 10 – 40 RPM


  • Ethernet
  • Serial RS232, RS422


  • IFF antenna
  • Stabilizing Platform (for naval application)