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Gyro Dynamic Range: 80 °⁄sec
Gyro ARW: 8 x 10-4 °⁄√hr
Gyro Bias Instability: 2 x 10-3 °⁄hr
Gyro Bias Constant: 1 x 10-3 °⁄hr
Accel. Range: ± 30 G
Accel. Bias Instability: < 40 µG
Accel. Bias Constant: < 4 mG
Output Rate: 2000 Hz

Inertial Measurements Unit

An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is able to accurately measure rotation rates and accelerations of the platform on which is installed. An IMU usually consists of three gyroscopes and three accelerometers to take into account the six degrees of freedom of a platform. Raw data acquired by the IMU are feed to an external computer unit that is able to use inertial data to perform platform stabilization or support inertial navigation calculation in real time attitude, position and speed while moving from a known starting point. Field of applications for the IMU can range from camera or antenna stabilization up to terrestrial, air, sea or subsea inertial navigation, with accuracy ranging from tactical grade to strategic grade.

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