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Shipboard Touchscreen GPS receiver.


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GPS Navigator

Extremely user friendly due to touchscreen keypad and powerful soft menu.
Easy-to-read, oversized characters presented on a high-resolution, backlit, liquid crystal display (LCD).
Position and speed are legible, in both day-time and night-time, no matter how rough the sea state.
Super-rugged construction that withstands the worst shocks and vibrations.
Low-profile, high-gain antenna with high-durability, low-attenuation coaxial cable.
Up to twelve (12) satellites automatically tracked.
Fast reacquisition after signal interruption.
Easily outfitted with a differential beacon receiver for accepting differential corrections (DGPS mode).
Optimum setting to work by selecting: elevation, SNR, PDOP and PDOP switch.
Alarm facility for out of anchorage, approaching destination and cross-track error.
Comprehensive route planning facility, with up to 500 waypoints, 40 reversible routes, speed and course over ground, course and distance to waypoint, time to go and cross-track error.
Exhaustive Built-in-Test Equipment (BITE).

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