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Complete of:

  • Digital master compass MB20MK3
  • Interface unit IU45-10
  • Control Unit / Bridge Repeater DCU-110
  • 5 meter length gyro/interface unit cable CB33
  • 3 meter length interface/control unit cable CD32


  • 10 mt length gyro/interface unit cable CB33
  • 10 mt length interface/control unit cable CD32
Discontinued production: As the production of MB20/22 family of gyrocompasses was terminated several years ago, nonetheless for service maintenance availability of the products, we are committed to do our best to provide service maintenance of the product up to June 2015, but please note that since now this shall solely depend upon availability of the spare parts, which may be rather difficult to secure the maintenance required. If such is the case, we will be pleased to propose you with alternative solution based on our FOG line of products you may well appreciate throughout this website. We thank you very much indeed for your comprehension.


The strapdown gyrocompass based on state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Gyroscope technology offers a highly reliable and cost effective solution for both commercial and military vessels. It gives an accurate, real-time reading of true north as well as control of attitude without need of GPS.

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