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In a view to constant growth and training, it has been successfully closed the course in Project Management which involved a large part of our staff operating in the R&D field.
Many definitions can be given to the concept of Project Management (PM), but certainly the most popular is the one given by the PMI (Project Management Institute) which sees the PM as “The application of knowledge, tools and techniques to project activities to satisfy the requirements “. But despite the multiple definitions, Project Management must essentially be mindset, method, work planning and resource management. For training on methodological standards, GEM elettronica has adopted the international standard ISO 21500 as a Guide to project management and as a teacher it has selected one of the main Project Management experts in Italy.
The course was developed with a series of asynchronous lessons concerning all the Thematic Areas and Processes of the legislation, also providing references to the Soft Skills necessary for the training of new generation Project Managers. The goal of disseminating the PM Best Practices in the Research & Development laboratories was twofold, since the standard terminology of the PM was indicated and those rules and tools essential for proper project management were highlighted.
The growth in know-how has been remarkable since the reference to the standard and to the teacher’s experience in the field have allowed each designer to increase the information on Project Management.