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The IU80-25 unit provides sensor data integration and distribution over a network. It is equipped with a number of
ports, which can be connected with a wide range of marine navigation sensors compliant with IMO interface
regulation IEC-61162. The embedded CPU decodes all messages coming from and going to ship sensors,
encapsulates them into Ethernet packets and deliver over the IBS LAN.
The unit also provides real-time management of sensor performance level degradation and automatic selection for
diffusion of best-of-all in case of multiple data sources.
The unit is fully redundant, with internal and automatic change-over in case of failure of one of modules. It is also
provided a manual override for module selection.
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Main Features

  • n.8 bi-directional serial ports, configurable RS232/RS422, compliant with IEC-61
  • n.5 bi-directional serial ports, RS422, compliant with IEC-61162-2 (high-speed)
  • fully redundant architecture (duplicate computer, power supply, digital interfaces) with automatic change-over in
    case of failure
  • n.2 single-board computer equipped with Windows 7 Embedded O.S.
  • n.2 100/1000 MB Ethernet ports for connection with IBS LAN, compliant with IEC-61162-4
  • front panel for local diagnosis and manual override of redundancy management
  • unit configuration by a standard browser
  • n.2 USB port
  • 24VDC supply, consumption less than 2A
  • rugged enclosure for 19” rack mount (3U unit height)
  • environmental conditions compliant with IEC-60945, protected environment


Our systems configuration, are composed by the following electro-mechanical subassembly.

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