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Designed to offer a huge choice of fully-remotely driven radar sensor configurations for shore-based applications, the SEAFALCON/S series matches requirements of Shore-Based short to long range radar detection against IALA V-128 rec., 2007.
SEAFALCON/S resumes all experience and design skillness of GEM elettronica in the radar art and is suitably referenced by a number of installations running throughout the world.
On board STC and other radar prefiltering techniques are remotely available to the operator together with the complete set of commands and controls to set the radar against virtually any local environmental and sea conditions.
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    • High azimuth and range discrimination
    • Single, dual redundant and Frequency Diversity options
    • Compliant to IALA V-128 recommendations, 2007
    • Functionality 24 h for all-weather conditions.
      • Can be remotely driven
      • LAN interface
      • Can be installed outdoors to reduce RF losses
      • Wide choice of configurations


Targeted to top-ranked applications, such as:

      • Vessel Traffic System (VTS), Vessel Traffic Management & Information Systems (VTMIS)
      • Coastal Surveillance & Security
      • Surface Movement Guidance Control System (SMGCS)
      • Homeland Security

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